Reduce: We reduce the environmental impact to a minimum as we do not use fossil fuels and also because we reduce the carbon footprint’s impact. Our boxes are much less voluminous than any other unfolded packaging. Since the volume per unit is much less, consequently, its transportation becomes cheaper and less polluting.


Recycle: All our packagings, with no exception, are recyclable because they are made of wood and cardboard.


Reuse: Our packagings are in most cases reused by the consumer to give them another use.


CUTTING DOWN A TREE MEANS PLANTING ANOTHER TREE “Packaging which breaths through ‘green lungs’ “


-Our wood always comes from managed forest and plantations.
– Every time a tree is cut down, a new tree is planted.
– We permanently keep open ‘green lungs’ to absorb and minimize not only the CO2 we release, but also the CO2 already existing.

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