The 2020 Packaging Trends

Packaging trends are in full revolution.
Consumers are strongly committed to sustainable and recyclable packaging.
It is the era of responsible consumption and it is vital to adapt to new tastes and needs, to reach your target audience.

1. Sustainable packaging: respect for the environment

Consumers are concerned about climate change and the presence of plastic waste in our environment.
Choose natural materials that, in addition to ecological, add value to your product.

2. The attraction of Packaging

Packaging is the first communication element of the brand or product.
Just seeing the case or box the consumer can already perceive the philosophy of the brand.

3. Custom packaging with its own character

The bet to achieve greater visibility to the brand / product is in the personalization, be it in designs, forms or creative compositions to get recognition in the market.

4. Visible product

The packaging solutions that allow you to see the product with the naked eye, are more successful and is a winning bet.

5. Custom packaging

Specify the dimensions of the packaging very well, to adjust it to the proportions of the product, make the most of space and material. Better performance in the manufacturing process of packaging, packaging, transport and shipping.

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The result of packaging trends for 2020 has a strong ethical, technological and environmental component. This opens a new world of possibilities and opportunities that we must seize.

In Packplek we offer advice both in the design process and in the manufacture of packaging.