In PACKPLEK we offer a range of patented products. We own the intellectual assets and the exclusive right to the manufacturinf and trading of our inventions.


The ownership of patented products is satisfying for both, the company itself and its customers:


• It encourages creativity and also guarantees our inventive nature, which has been protected for many years.

• It brings commercial and/or industrial success.

• It prevents plagiarism, hence, our product remains as one of a kind.

• We advertise and explain the benefits of our revolutionary systems.



Patented system.

Our revolutionary, innovative patented system is the only foldable wooden packaging in the world.

Menu holder

Patented model.

Exclusive menu holder made of high quality wood for luxurious restaurants with gastronomical prestige.
Hinge-free Packplek patented system.



Product protected by patent.

Packaging and sale stand all in one. This type of packaging can turn into a wide window that shows and enhances the product on display. This design was created in cooperation with SERIES NEMO.